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Smart Homes

Build an intelligent home using the very best technology available

Home Automation

Arrive home to your favourite music playlist. Automate your lights and blinds to work depending on local sunrise and sunset times. Receive an email if your front door is open longer than a pre-set time. Talk to your home and set the perfect viewing conditions in your cinema. All this is possible and more.

Home automation means all devices working together to improve your lifestyle, security and entertainment.

Audio & Visual

Brilliant Sound
Enjoy powerful, detailed audio and video in any room. We customise your AV system to suit your viewing preferences and listening habits.

Ease of Use
Video, gaming, streaming, music, radio, podcasts, playlists – all accessible anytime via a slick, easy to use app or touch panel.

Home Cinema

With the advent of 8K screens and 3D Dolby Atmos surround sound, the home cinema experience is now capable of exceeding standards set by public cinemas.

We design cinema rooms using acoustic modelling and industry recognised calibration techniques to get as close as possible to the viewing experience the director intended.

Comfort & Security

Arm security systems on your phone app from anywhere or activate ‘holiday mode’ lighting that replicates your lighting habits to deter would-be criminals.

Climate control can also be included, with home or away ‘eco’ modes activated at the same time.

Lighting Control

Properly designed and implemented lighting can transform a room.

Optimise light levels to set the perfect mood with the touch of a button.

Support & Maintenance

To provide peace of mind and maintain system reliability our team pro-actively monitors your system and will administer software updates when required.

The initial installation is just the beginning. We support and maintain your system to ensure its working optimally and advise on future upgrades and expansion. 

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